LGBT History Month - Oxford History Faculty LGBTQ

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2:00-3:30pm   Opening Seminar [Gerry Martin Room]
Wanted: a history of homosexuality. Found: an ‘archive of ordinary racism’
Professor Heike Bauer

3:30-3:45pm   Coffee and tea [Thirsk Common Room]

3:45-4:45pm   Oxford DPhil Work-in-Progress Session [Gerry Martin Room]
Sonia Cuesta Maniar:
'Forced into the mould against my will': Repression of LGBT persons under Francoism, the
creation of a national identity paradigm, and dissidence in Francoist Spain
Ira Roldugina:
Speaking for themselves: early Soviet queer agenda from below

5:00-6:45pm   Keynote Lecture [Lecture Theatre] Gay Icons, Queer Pasts, and the Practices of History
Professsor Chris Waters


Queer Studies Network

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Audience: Open to all