Metaphysics of the Trinity Conference

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The Metaphysics of Entanglement and Power Structuralism projects are hosting a conference on 'Metaphysics of the Trinity Conference'. Speakers include:

John Heil (University of Washington in St Louis) “Being of One Substance

Bryan Leftow (University of Oxford) “The Trinity is Unconstitutional

Shieva Kleinschmidt (University of Southern California) “Linguistics and the Trinity

Nikk Effingham (University of Birmingham) “Proceeding and Filioque

Richard Swinburne (University of Oxford) “Defending the Social Theory of the Trinity

Rob Koons (University of Texas at Austin) “Divine Persons as Qua-Relations


Metaphysics of Entanglement
Power Structuralism

Contact name: Dori Castillo Aranda
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Audience: Open to all