New Music with Animation


Every year, the Ruskin comes together with Music Department in the Anima Film and Music Project, ‘match-making’ composition students with art students to create a series of cross-disciplinary pieces. Each filmmaker works with their "very own" contemporary composer from the music faculty  to create a film to be performed by the Anima Ensemble at the Jacqueline Du Pre Music Building. This year, the six beautiful collaborations this year will include groovy music, moving image, live action, spoken words… and will be performed by a professional ensemble on Tuesday 12 June.


UntitledMichelle Chin (Christ Church) - Jonathan Packham (St. Hilda’s)

Live performance consisting of music & moving projection. Each performer has a decision tree; the music arboresces in real time. This performance may contain flashing lights.

Red Moon, Queenie Li (St. Anne’s) - Tom Metcalf (Worcester)

For string quartet, flute, tam-tam, voices, and multimedia, this piece aims to explore the political tensions in Hong Kong’s past and present, provoked by the recent controversy surrounding its National Anthem Law.

Nth DimensionQueenie Li (St. Anne’s) - Noah McNeill (St. Anne's)

Collaborating with over 75 people from across the globe, this piece attempts to initiate an artistic synthesis of spacetime, an imagined universe where the visible is defined by sound and the abstract is confronted by reality.

From Start to EndFrancesca Nava (St. Edmund’s) - Tom Iszatt (Jesus)

From a visual perspective the work is dealing with the concept of language. This piece explores the relationships between two opposite words, through an instrument we consider neutral and we all used, Word thesaurus. 

21 Minutes Becomes 4.21, Ellie Staniforth (Worcester)- Mikey Ahearn (St. Hilda’s)

A composition that focussed on the motifs of stress, release, and meditation.The film was created to be accompanied by music that worked with the theme of Meditative Music, in such a way that, were the film to be set to different scores, it might have a different narrative interpretation each time.

Untitled, Adam Story (Queen’s) - Cassie White (St. Hilda's) 


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