Old Frisian Summer School Public Lectures

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Old Frisian Summer School Public Lectures


The following lectures will be open to the public. Please book by sending a message to oldfrisian@ling-phil.ox.ac.uk (no booking required for university card holders).

Venue Thursday 11th July 9am-12.20pm, Taylor Institution Library, room 2

Venue Friday 12th July, 3.15pm, Weston Lecture Theatre


Dr Nelleke Ijssennagger, Cardiff

9am, Thursday 11th July, Taylorian:  ‘Anglo-Frisian Connections - Archeology and Written Record’


Dr Patrick Stiles, London

10.45am, Thursday 11th July,  Taylorian: ‘Anglo-Frisian Connections - Linguistic Considerations’


Dr Johanneke Sytsema, Oxford

12noon, Thursday 11th July, Taylorian: ‘The Alistair Campbell Collection and Old Frisian’


Dr Kees Dekker, Groningen  

3.15pm, Friday 12th July, Weston Lecture Theatre: ‘Franciscus Junius' and Friends' contributions to Old Frisian Studies’