Podcasting for Public Engagement Workshop

Aerial photo of four pairs of hands using different handheld smart devices

This workshop is an introduction to academic podcasting, from idea stage to post-production. The session will cover best practices in podcasting, with examples. It will introduce different podcast formats and styles and offer strategies for planning and disseminating a podcast, with an emphasis on how to translate academic research into an accessible audio programme. The workshop will cover the technical tools available for audio production and will feature hands-on activities utilising recording equipment and open-source audio editing software. It will also discuss the process of distributing a podcast through Oxford Podcasts and iTunes. Participants will have an opportunity to storyboard a podcast episode, record and edit audio during the session. 

Please bring a laptop, headphones, and (it is not essential but only if you have one) a recording device or smartphone.

Booking is essential.

Email: training@humanities.ox.ac.uk