Poetry Workshop: Rewriting History

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During Hilary Term the University Church Education Officer, Penny Boxall, will lead a series of poetry workshops based on the history of the church and its surroundings. Workshops take place in the Old Library on Wednesday evenings, 7–8.30pm, and are free. All are welcome.

In each session we will discuss poems by established writers — both historical and contemporary — and look at the mechanism at work in them. Using images and objects as stimuli, we will write poems on topics connected to that week’s theme. Whether you are a fan of history or poetry (or both), write regularly or are relatively new to poetry, come along and see where this historical journey will take you. Just bring a notebook and pen.

Week 6: "John Radcliffe: Poetical Science.” Using Radcliffe as our starting point, we will lookat the poetry of science.

To sign up for each of these workshops, or if you would like further details, please email the Education Officer, Penny Boxall, at smv.heritage@gmail.com.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


Humanities & Science

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Audience: Open to all