Queer Sex Work Reading Group

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In preparation for our Queer Sex Work panel in Week 4 we are pleased to welcome two guest-hosts for a reading group around the topic of queer sex work. Readings will include both academic and personal writing, which will be circulated in advance.

Join our guest hosts for a reading group session on Queer Sex work in advance of our Queer Sex work panel on November 7th. We will be discussing readings from "Queer Sex Work", whose editors will be joining us for the panel as well as some other key readings on the topic.

Please don't feel pressured to read everything in order to attend the session, if you are limited on time just choose which readings sound most interesting to you.

To access "Queer Sex Work" please go to:


Email: queerstudies@torch.ox.ac.uk

Password: password is Queer2019!

The other readings are available on dropbox:


Our hosts:

A (they/them) is a queer sex worker who is currently completing a Masters in English Literature. Their research interests include examining the interactions between sexuality and work, particularly the ways in which sexuality is used to establish and legitimise or stigmatise certain labour practices. Beyond this, they are also interested in the role of state violence in the construction of identities, with a focus on policing and racial identity.

Toby Draper is studying Social Anthropology at the London School of Economics. His research interests center around queer temporality and how this interacts with engagement in sex work, with a special focus on the experiences of trans workers.


Chapters from Queer Sex Work:

Smith, Nicola, ‘Queer in/and Sexual Economies’

Berg, Heather ‘Sex, work, queerly: identity, authenticity and laboured performance

Pilcher, Katy ‘Subverting heteronormativity in a lesbian erotic dance venue? Queer moments and heteronormative tensions’

Tyler, Allan ‘M$M@Gaydar: queering the social network’

Endnotes Collective. 2014. “The Logic of Gender: On the Separation of Spheres and the Process of Abjection.” Endnotes 3 https://endnotes.org.uk/issues/3/en/endnotes-the-logic-of-gender

Hankins, Sarah "“I’m a Cross between a Clown, a Stripper, and a Streetwalker”: Drag Tipping, Sex Work, and a Queer Sociosexual Economy," Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society 40, no. 2 (Winter 2015): 441-466.

Smith, Molly, and Juno Mac. Revolting Prostitutes : The Fight for Sex Workers' Rights, Verso, 2018. Pp 32-41.

Trans Rent Boys: Love Don’t Pay the Rent https://static1.squarespace.com/static/58cea5cf197aea5216413671/t/58ceb576ff7c501ac42c6336/1489941977973/trans_rentboys.pdf


This event is free and all are welcome. The venue has step-free access. If you have any further requirements please email mara.gold@classics.ox.ac.uk

This venue has step-free access. If you have any further access requirements please contact mara.gold@st-hildas.ox.ac.uk