Science and Culture in Latin America: Transmission, Circulation, Exchange

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This is the first of four international events organised by the research network on Science in Text and Culture in Latin America, which aims to establish a dialogue between the growing number of academic researchers working on the relationship between science and culture in Latin America.

The symposium will bring together scholars working on the intersections between Latin American culture (literature, film, art, cultural and social discourses) and criminology, psychiatry, zoology, natural history, medicine, thermodynamics, genetics, neuroscience and cartography, among other fields. Our aim is to discuss (inter)disciplinary questions raised by academic and creative explorations of science and culture in Latin America. We also seek to find points of connection and divergence between the study of this cross-fertilization in the region and the frameworks that have informed the study of science and cultural practices elsewhere.

Invited speakers include: Jens Andermann (Zurich), Sandra Gasparini (Buenos Aires) and Gabriela Nouzeilles (Princeton).

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The programme and keynote abstracts can be downloaded from our website.

For more information on the network’s activities, please visit the website.

Symposium organizers: María del Pilar Blanco (Oxford), Joanna Page (Cambridge)

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