Shakespearean Hackfest

shakespearean hackfest

What happens when people from different fields play with digitized versions of Shakespeare's works? Let's find out.

We will spend the day working in groups mixed with scholars from various disciplines to see what kind of research questions come out, what kind of results we can get that day, what kind of results would need more markup and how to best go about further annotating the texts to use the data to answer more questions, etc. The groups would ideally be a mix of Shakespearean scholars (and/or others working on literature), historians, linguists, and at least one person per group who can do some basic scripting.

No prior knowledge or experience is required. Registration for this event is required, the Eventbrite page is .


HiCor: a Cross-Disciplinary Network for History and Corpus Linguistics

Digital Humanities

Contact name: Kerri Russell

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Audience: Open to all