Sitarah Made for the Mosque of the Prophet in Medina

sitarah made for the mosque of the prophet in medina

The Reading Images seminar series is hosting a talk on 'Sitarah made for the Mosque of the Prophet in Medina' with Eamonn Gearon (DPhil History, University of Oxford).

This term the Ashmolean University Engagement Programme will be running a workshop series with speakers from various departments who will discuss their research in relation to an object within the museum collection. In each of the fortnightly workshops, speakers will present a 30 minute seminar paper to an multidisciplinary audience, which will be followed by an open discussion of their paper and works of art discussed.

Seminars take place in the New Douce Room at the Ashmolean Museum. For further information, please contact Emily Knight ( or Dr Jim Harris (


Public Engagement with Research

Contact name: Emily Knight

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Audience: Open to all