Social Networks and Human Evolution

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A one day workshop bringing together researchers working on the interaction between social networks and human evolution. 
An indicative, non-exclusive list of topics is the following:

            • Evolution of cooperation on social networks

            • Kinship and kin-networks in non-human and human animals

            • Social information flow in networks, evolution of social cognition

            • Inequality, group size, structured networks

            • Fire use, food sharing rituals, social time budget

            • Friend versus kin networks

            • Network effects on mate choice, origins of marriage concepts, alloparenting networks

            • Interaction between social networks and inter-group conflict

            • Network models of language evolution

            • Social network aspects of supernatural narratives, evolution of religiousity

            • Evolution of adaptive life history and social networks

            • Human dispersal and social networks

The day will consist of short introductory talks, followed by discussion sessions about open questions, and overlapping research intertests. The objective is to initiate a conversation in this new subfield of research.

The event is free and open.

Registration is required via this website.


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Contact name: Tamas David-Barrett

Contact email:

Audience: Open to all