Talking About Teaching: using your teaching experience in job applications


This workshop is aimed at postgraduate students and researchers who will be applying in the next cycle for academic jobs that contain a teaching component. It focuses on utilising your teaching experience during the job application process, from the point of application through to interview. The workshop aims to cover:

  • Referring to your teaching experience in cover letters and CVs
  • Connecting your research to teaching
  • Writing teaching philosophies/statements of teaching values
  • Preparing syllabi
  • Common interview questions about teaching
  • Preparing and discussing your teaching portfolio
  • Preparing for a teaching demonstration

This workshop is open to all, although it is particularly recommended for students seeking academic roles in the US and Canada. There are no prerequisites for this workshop with regards to the level or extent of your teaching experience.


Digital Humanities
DPhil & Postdoctoral Researchers

Contact name: Dr Caroline Thurston
Contact email:
Audience: University of Oxford only