The Contagion Cabinet

Women in red dress holding a red balloon

Killer germs, superbugs, pestilent plagues and global pandemics have fascinated writers, musicians and thinkers for centuries. As diseases spread through a culture, likewise myths and ideas travel virally through film, literature, theatre and social media.

Join a cast of actors, scientists and literary researchers for an inventive illustration of infectious extracts from plays and music, past and present. This homage to all things contagious will take place in the suitably atmospheric setting of the Museum of the History of Science. Be sure to bring your antiseptic wipes.

Professor Sally Shuttleworth is Professor of English Literature looking at the inter-relations between literature and science, including the project Diseases of Modern Life: Nineteenth-Century Perspectives.

Professor Kirsten Shepherd-Barr is Professor of English and Theatre Studies, interested in the relationship between modernism, science and theatrical performance.

John Terry is Artistic Director of Chipping Norton Theatre known for ambitious and adventurous theatre work, usually script based but with a strong visual and physical tilt.

This is part of Oxfordshire Science Festival.

Tickets will go on sale 4 weeks prior to the event. Please book here.

Please note that the doors to the Museum will open at 7.15pm and the talk begins promptly at 7.30pm. Late arrivals cannot be guaranteed entry.


Theatre and Performance

Diseases of Modern Life

Audience: Open to all