The Creative Power of Metaphor

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Join us for a 2-day conference on the nexus between Metaphor, Linguistic Diversity, and Creativity.

The conference will be structured around four themes. Each theme will be introduced in a keynote lecture, and developed in a plenary round-table discussion featuring selected panellists as well as questions raised by the audience. Moreover, four extensive Poster sessions will be dedicated to present specific studies related to the four themes.

Themes and Keynote speakers:

1. Metaphor and Linguistic Diversity 
Keynote speaker: Lera Boroditsky

2. Metaphor and Emotion
Keynote speaker: Zoltán Kövecses

3. Metaphor and Communication
Keynote speaker: Gerard Steen

4. Metaphor and Creativity
Keynote speaker: Rachel Giora

Full program coming soon.

Registration is OPEN until 1st March. Please follow the link.

Humanities & Identities

Contact name: Ana Werkmann Horvat

Contact email:

Audience: Open to all