The Image of the Muslim Woman: a Discussion on Feminism and Islamophobia

Feminism and Islamophobia image

This event is part of the TORCH Image and Thought Network.


2.30pm-4pm: Islamophobia as Racism: A Critical Phenomenology of a Muslim Woman’s Racialization (Alia Al-Saji, McGill University) + Q&A

*15 mins coffee break*

4.15pm-5-45pm: Islamic Feminism in a Time of Islamophobia (Amina Yaqin, SOAS) + Q&A

*15 mins coffee break*

6pm-7pm: Roundtable discussion

7.30pm: Dinner


If you would like to take part to the seminar, please email by Monday the 10th of February, specifying whether you would like to stay for dinner as well.

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