TORCH International Partnership Scheme 2022

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Aim of the scheme:

This scheme aims to support researchers in the Humanities who require visits to institutions abroad (e.g., libraries, archives, research centres) to further current and/or new research projects. Applicants must show evidence that they will work with a specific institution and collaborator(s) in a non-UK setting.

Researchers can apply for up to £2,000 for travel, accommodation, and related costs (more below). All funds must be spent, and activities carried out, by 31 July 2022. 

Applicants: post-doctoral academics at Oxford are eligible for this scheme. We especially encourage early-career researchers to apply.


Responsibilities of Oxford Applicants:

  • Submit the application for the scheme
  • Submit evidence of destination (e.g., institutes, archives, universities) in the form of letters of invitation or similar. (There need not be an already existing formal collaboration between the University of Oxford and the proposed institution(s).)
  • Liaise with the TORCH International Officer to provide up-to-date information about travel plans and keep clear records of expenditure
  • Upon conclusion of their time abroad, write a public-engagement blog post about their findings, and future of their research project, which will be disseminated on the TORCH website.


Throughout the planning and duration of the project, applicants will be supported by the TORCH International Officer.

How to apply: Oxford Applicants must submit the application via IRAMS. The application includes a Case for Support' form.

Deadline for applications: Tuesday 5 April 2022 12 noon.


Assessment criteria:

  • Clearly explain the context and rationale for the proposed visit abroad including relevance to your research
  • Give details of how the proposed collaboration will contribute to the current research environment at TORCH and/or Oxford Humanities
  • Provide a clear timeline for travel and planned activities
  • Be appropriately costed in detail. Costs can include relevant and appropriate travel and accommodation costs (that meet the University guidelines). Please refer to the University Expenses Policy
  • Indicate what future opportunities the proposed project may lead to, particularly future strategic research collaborations, but also if there are publication plans. Applicant may wish to comment on the legacy for the proposed project; what new connections will be established, and what the fit is with any existing projects, networks, or programmes.


For more information please refer to the TORCH International Partnership Scheme guidance and for additional questions contact Zimpande Kawanu (TORCH International Officer)


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