Webinar: The Value of the Humanities

value of the hums

“The Quest for Humanities in Uncertain Times" A webinar series for the general public

An inquiry into the origins, strength, and credibility of current disruptive questions about the relevance and viability of the humanities, as well as ideas for reinventing the humanities at a time of imperative self-examination in U.S. higher education.

Professor Helen Small, Professor of English Literature at Oxford University, and Jonathan and Julia Aisbitt Fellow in English at Pembroke College, Oxford. She is the author of The Value of the Humanities, a 2014 examination of contemporary and historical arguments used to defend the humanities.

To participate, log in to http://kean.adobeconnect.com/march24/ at 2:00 pm ET (6pm GMT) for this free, 90-minute, interactive video conference.

Next date in the series is April 28 with Anne Tria Wise, Director, National Arts & Sciences Initiative, The Phi Beta Kappa Society. Log in at 2:00 pm (6pm GMT) ET on April 28 at http://kean.adobeconnect.com/april28/

A webinar series for the general public cosponsored by the Kean University Faculty Seminar, the Pennsylvania State University Institute for the Arts and Humanities, and The Phi Beta Kappa Society.


Contact name: Dennis Klein
Contact email: dklein@kean.edu
Audience: Open to all