Women: A Century of Change

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The First World War, and the contribution of women to the war effort, heralded a significant change to women’s role in society. The vote followed soon after. Almost 100 years on, women’s situation has changed markedly. Gone are the legal barriers to equality in employment and in public life and, with state assistance to fund childcare, guaranteed maternity and paternity leave, and medical advances helping women gain control of their fertility, many of the demands of sixties radical feminism have been part realised. Does this mean a century long struggle for equality has realised its goal? Is there still a battle to be fought for sexual equality? If there is, what are the key issues that face women today, and how should they be tackled?

Speakers include Professor Ngaire Woods and Dr Dana Mills of Oxford University; Dr Joanna Williams, academic and education editor of Spiked; and Helen Pike, Master Elect of Magdalen College School.

This debate explores the themes of the Women Create Change photography exhibition.

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