Race and Resistance

Pink background with a black and white logo of the rad cam and a face, and clenched fists. The words 'race and resistance' are painted in red over the top.

Join a community of staff, students and activists engaging with the rise of, and resistance to racial hierarchies in Oxford and beyond. 

Launched in January 2013, by Professor Stephen Tuck and Professor Elleke Boehmer, the Race and Resistance programme brings together researchers, students, and activists in the history, literature, and culture of anti-racist movements across the modern world.

Given recent political events, the study of race has become increasingly politicized and contentious. Our programme actively challenges all forms of racism and hierarchy, both past and present.

We meet most Fridays during term time, with sessions taking a variety of formats, including facilitated discussions with students, researchers, and activists, lectures by invited speakers, short research presentations, seminars discussing pre-circulated texts from a range of disciplines, book launches, and film screenings.

All are welcome to attend.

Race and Resistance’s blog, previously called “Voices Across Borders” can be read here or at our new site, raceandresistance.com. We seek to facilitate informed conversations about race, racism, resistance, and liberation within Oxford and beyond.

For any other queries or questions, please contact:

Iyone Agbraw iyone.agboraw@sant.ox.ac.uk

To sign up to the mailing list, simply send a blank email to: race-and-resistance-subscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk.

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