Saïd Business School Engaging with the Humanities


The Saïd Business School (SBS) aims to make the wider intellectual richness of Oxford available to its students and staff in various ways by engaging with ideas, activities, and scholarship from the humanities. The work of historians, philosophers, classicists, as well as the study of literature and artefacts from diverse cultures and traditions, can shed light on challenges that concern business school students.

A new stream of research in management studies uses humanities methodologies, humanistic modes of enquiry, humanities data and archives, and other such resources to expand enquiry into firms and organisations.

Additionally, management and organisation studies, as well as related disciplines, have many insights to offer the humanities, especially concerning the economics and social dynamics of cultural production, innovation, and sustainability. 

Several scholars inside SBS and around the wider University, are working collaboratively on an increasing variety of research projects, some examples of which are given below.

Please direct all enquires about research in this area to Dr Pegram Harrison, in the first instance.


Current Projects

Management and Religion, DPhil Candidate Ali Gümüsay, supervised by Prof Tim Morris and Prof Sue Dopson

Management of Conservation Data, Jessica Stitt, DPhil candidate, supervised by Prof Janet Smart and Dr Pegram Harrison. Collaborative Doctoral Award with British Museum, co-supervised by Dr Anna Bülow, Head of Conservation.

Leadership Perspectives from the Humanities, Prof Roy Westbrook, Dr Pegram Harrison, Dr Helen Lydka, on the antecedents in humanities scholarship for the education and development of leaders, and how these might be relevant for management education, practice and further development today.

Thames Valley Country Houses project, Dr Oliver Cox (TORCH) and Dr Pegram Harrison (SBS), looking at the management of landed estates around Oxfordshire (among other things).

ARTickets, Dr Pegram Harrison (SBS), and the Art Fund, looking at consolidated ticketing systems and the management of demand for museums and exhibitions


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