The Dodo and Exploration

Pietro Corsi (Emeritus Professor of the History of Science, University of Oxford) gives a presentation at ‘The Oxford Dodo: Culture at the Crossroads’, an event celebrating the life and legacy of the famous creature in collaboration between the Museum of Natural History and TORCH.

You can watch the full discussion here. Other speakers included:

Paul Smith (Director, Oxford University Museum of Natural History) on The Dodo in the Museum
Kirsten Shepherd-Barr (Professor of English and Theatre Studies and Knowledge Exchange Champion for the Humanities) on The Dodo in Literature
Paul Jepson (Researcher at the School of Geography and Environment and Course Director for the MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management) on The Dodo, Animal Icons and De-Extinction
Jasper Fforde (Writer and Author of the Thursday Next series) on The Dodo and Creativity
The event was part of Being Human 2015, the UK's first national festival of the humanities.