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Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange is the mutually beneficial sharing of ideas, data, experience, and expertise between academics and external organisations or the public. An IT company could use an academic’s research data to develop a new database model, while the academic draws on the database to aid their research. A theatre group uses research as the basis for a new play, while the group’s innovative interpretation helps the academic to see their research with fresh eyes. Whether working with a local charity or an international business, building a formal partnership with a museum, putting on a workshop in a school,or helping to form public policy, knowledge exchange is a reciprocal act which helps both parties.

The Humanities Division Knowledge Exchange Champion is Professor Kirsten Shepherd-Barr. She collaborates with researchers across the Division to help to broker new internal and external partnerships and to sustain existing releationships. She also works closely with other public-facing parts of the University in developing a coherent programme of activities that helps new audiences engage with research.

Over the past five years, Humanities has received funding to support a range of projects which engage researchers with external partners, these include Knowledge Exchange Fellowships awarded in Theology, English, History, Classics, Music, Linguistics, and Modern Languages, the Knowledge Exchange Seed Fund, the Thames Valley Country House Partnership, and the Oxford German Network. Activities supported through TORCH include an annual radio 'pitching' competition, the Oxford Enterprise website, a Public Engagement Summer School and Cultural Engagement projects funded by the AHRC. More examples of the impact of our knowledge exchange partnerships are available here.

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