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Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange is the mutually beneficial sharing of ideas, data, experience, and expertise between academics and non-academic organisations or the public. An IT company could use an academic’s research data to develop a new database model, while the academic draws on the database to aid their research. A theatre group uses an academic’s research as the basis for a new play, while the group’s innovative interpretation helps the academic to see their research with fresh eyes. Whether working with a local charity or an international business, building a formal partnership with a museum, putting on a workshop in a school,or helping to form public policy, knowledge exchange is a reciprocal act which helps both parties.

The Knowledge Exchange Fellowships

Applications are now closed for the third round of TORCH Humanities Knowledge Exchange Fellowships. Further details for the next round will appear here in due course.

The Knowledge Exchange Fellows scheme is designed to help humanities researchers to build mutually beneficial partnerships with external organisations. The aim is to enhance the Fellow’s academic research, whilst also aiding the partner organisation. We hope that the Fellows will continue their external partnerships beyond the end of the fellowship, and will create a positive legacy for the scheme, and a showcase for the University of Oxford’s engagement with the wider world.

KE Fellows have come from across the Division, from fields including Theology, English, History, Classics and Modern Languages. They have partnered with a diverse range of external institutions and groups, from theatres to overseas development charities, in a series of innovative and mutually enriching research projects.

For enquiries relating to Knowledge Exchange within the Humanities Division, please contact Dr Cleo Hanaway-Oakley. The Knowledge Exchange Champion for the Division is Professor Kirsten Shepherd-Barr.

For more information and Knowledge Exchange resources, click here.