2022-23 | Music Egypt (Performance)

music egypt project

'Music Egypt (Performance)'


TORCH Knowledge Exchange Innovation Fund Awardee
Dr James Whitbourn   |   Faculty of Music   |   University of Oxford

Partner Organisation
Askonas Holt   |   Joel Thomas



During this KE Innovation Fund project, components of the performance of the new ten-minute composition for soprano and orchestra 'Zahr Al-Khayal' will be produced, which has followed the Dr Withbourn’s previous KE Fellowship 2019-21. First, a pair of sistra are to be constructed by the highly-regarded cymbalsmith Matt Nolan using photographs and measurements from Howard Carter's archive and from photographs of the instruments taken by the PI. The sounds from these instruments will form part of the orchestral palette. Additionally, it allows for expert tuition in the performance of the instrument by Fatma Said who will be called upon to play them. Performances are planned to take place in Berlin (Konzerthaus, March 2023) and are expected to include performances in Vienna, London and Paris. Fatma Said will record a podcast aligned with the current Bodleian Tutankhamun exhibition. The project enjoys the support of the Griffith Institute and the work itself has been guided by Professor Richard Parkinson, who selected the pharaonic texts set within the new composition.

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