2022-23 | Rachmaninov Song at Wigmore Hall

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'Rachmaninov Song at Wigmore Hall'


Knowledge Exchange Fellow
Professor Philip Bullock   |   Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages   |   University of Oxford

Partner Organisation
Wigmore Hall   |   John Gilhooly
Iain Burnside   |   Musician



This knowledge exchange project develops an emerging relationship with London's Wigmore Hall, the UK's leading venue for song and chamber music. In 2023-24, the renowned pianist Iain Burnside has been invited to put together a Russian song series, and in turn, he has approached Professor Philip Bullock to act as series consultant, drawing on Professor Bullock’s expertise in Rachmaninov music, particularly song.

This KE Fellowship will allow Professor Bullock to be involved with devising a series from the outset and to put his relationship with the hall and its performers on a more ambitious collaborative footing. Besides four high-profile recitals with leading Russian and Russian speaking performers (with accompanying programme notes and translations), a series of online talks and resources that will disseminate my work to wider audiences and provide crucial resources for performers and listeners will be produced.

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