A Hatchery of Shadows: Poetry Anthology Launch


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A Hatchery of Shadows is abundant with ways of approaching, thinking about and imagining plants and our corresponding lives. Questions of change, time, the marginal, and the interaction of humanity with plant life appear frequently, as our poets draw on themes of anthropogenic climate change, yet also push outwards to explore the shadowy and exciting connections between plants, brain and imagination in poetry. ‘I have read this anthology three times, with immense pleasure. Each reading has uncovered new meanings, new levels of enjoyment in the resources of free verse, handled with exceptional skill here by a bunch of fine poets. The anthology’s central themes — plants, the brain and imagination — are interwoven in a delightfully varied but unified verbal dance. The anthology is testimony to the unending capacity of the natural world to elicit wonder, curiosity, puzzlement and imaginative exploration.’ - Lucy Newlyn, Poet and Emeritus Fellow in English Join us to hear readings from the anthology: Elsa Hammond Jenny Lewis Penny Boxall Adam Horovitz Denni Turp Stephen Wren Inge Milfull Jules Whiting Margot Myers Miranda Lynn Barnes Sarah Watkinson Rosemary Appleton Isaiah Ambssa Robinson-Lewis Dorothy Yamamoto Beth McDonough Romola Parish