What is TORCH?

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TORCH is a nucleus of intellectual energy for the humanities and a place to develop new ideas and collaborations both within and beyond academia.

Since its creation, TORCH has raised over £3 million in grants and philanthropy to support researchers to develop research projects. Launched in May 2013, TORCH provides an important opportunity for Oxford’s humanities scholars to collaborate with researchers across other disciplines, and institutions; work with academics across all stages of their academic careers; develop partnerships with public and private institutions; engage with wider audiences; and bring together academic research, diverse industries, and the performing arts. Public engagement with research is at the heart of TORCH's aims. 

TORCH is led by an academic Director: Professor Wes Williams (Professor of French Literature), 2020-2023.
The previous TORCH Directors were Professor Philip Bullock (Professor of Russian Literature and Music) 2017-2020; Professor Elleke Boehmer (Professor of World Literature in English) 2015-2017; and Professor Stephen Tuck (Professor of Modern History) 2013-2015. 

Other strategic areas of TORCH include academic leaderships: the Knowledge Exchange Champion (previously held by Professor Wes Williams (2018-2020), Professor Kirsten Shepherd Barr (2016-2018) and Professor Abigail Williams (2014-2016) and we welcomed Dr Maria del Pilar Blanco (Associate Professor in Spanish American Literature) in 2020 as the inaugural Academic Champion. 

TORCH is supported by an administrative team, led and overseen by Dr Victoria McGuinness (Head of Cultural Programming and Partnerships).

  TORCH supports the following strategic areas: 
  -  Networks and Programmes 
  -  International Engagement
  -  Knowledge Exchange
  -  Humanities Cultural Programme

During 2018-19, TORCH hosted almost 400 events, with audiences of over 20,000 people. During 2019-20, TORCH hosted online events during COVID-restrictions, reaching audiences in person and then online of over 50,000 globally. Since 2013, TORCH has supported 400 researchers each year; 62 Knowledge Exchange Fellowships; over 50 seed-funded research networks and 10 research programmes. 

The TORCH Director, Professor Wes Williams (wes.williams@seh.ox.ac.uk), welcomes questions about the centre and suggestions for research and wider engagement activities. 

Where to find us



TORCH  | The Oxford Research Centre for the Humanities

Woodstock Rd





01865 280 101



TORCH Director: Professor Wes Williams (Professor of French Literature, MML)

Knowledge Exchange Champion - VACANT

Academic Champion: Dr Maria del Pilar Blanco (Associate Professor of Spanish American Literature, MML)

TORCH Management Committee

  • Prof Karen O'Brien (Head of Humanities Division)

  • Prof Daniel Grimley (Music) - Associate Head of Research and Chair

  • Professor Wes Williams (MML)

  • Prof María del Pilar Blanco (MML)

  • Prof Elleke Boehmer (English)

  • Prof David de Roure (Oxford E-Research Centre)

  • Dr Michael Joseph (History)

  • Prof Joshua Hordern (Theology and Religion)

  • Prof Peter Frankopan (History)

  • Dr Felix Budelmann (Classics)

  • Prof James McDougall (History)

Dr Victoria McGuinness (Head of Cultural Programming and Partnerships)

The TORCH Management Committee reports into the Humanities Research Committee. 


TORCH sends out a fortnightly newsletter during term time with details of funding opportunities, research activities, events and multimedia. 

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Based at the Radcliffe Humanities building in Oxford, TORCH is home to a small team, dedicated to supporting the research community.
TORCH hosts a number of early career fellows, visiting international fellows and project staff, and supports the work of the Knowledge Exchange programme, and is at the hub of a wide network of scholars who lead the centre's research activities. 

For general enquiries and the Networks and Programmes and International teams, please contact us on torch@humanities.ox.ac.uk 
- Knowledge Exchange on kesupport@humanities.ox.ac.uk 
- Humanities Cultural Programme Team on hcp@torch.ox.ac.uk