Adam de la Halle Fi, mari, de vostre amour and anon., Dame bele / Fi, mari / NUS N’IERT JA JOLIS" width="560

Dr Catherine A. Bradley introduces the rondeau Fi, mari, de vostre amour by Adam de la Halle, which is related to the anonymous motet Dame bele / Fi, mari / NUS N’IERT JA JOLIS. Dr Matthew P. Thomson, Dr Joseph W. Mason and Lachlan Hughes perform both pieces. At first the rondeau is sung as a single line, then as a polyphonic setting.

Part of a lecture-recital of medieval song at the New College Antechapel in Oxford on 7 June 2019. Scholars and performers of medieval music from Oxford and beyond gave a presentation on the issues surrounding the performance of 13th- and 14th-century music, featuring live performances.
21/10/2019 10:25:08
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