Alliance: Humanities & Existential Risk

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Existential risks are events that could lead to human extinction or civilisational collapse. These events include runaway climate change, pandemics, nuclear warfare and artificial intelligence related disasters to name a few.

The study of existential risk has become a primary focus of academic institutions in the past several years — it is one of the main focus of institutions like Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute, The Oxford Martin School and Cambridge’s Centre for The Study of Existential Risk. Study in this area has concentrated on contributions from the sciences, policy, law, economics and politics. The Humanities, however, also have a lot to offer.

This podcast will explore how the Humanities can contribute to the discussion, study and handling of those risks.

In each episode, we will talk in-depth with an expert in the Humanities, from Philosophy and English Literature to Theology and History, about their research on issues, including (i) artificial intelligence; (ii) nuclear warfare; (iii) climate change; and (iv) pandemics.

The project is run by a team of humanities graduate students at Balliol College, Oxford, from the faculties of Philosophy and History: Alice Evatt & Henry Tann.


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