Ancient Anatolia Network

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This network will run from 2023 to 2025.


Anatolia was a crossroads of civilisations in the past and is a crossroads of disciplines today. Despite the incredible advances of recent years, the study of this field is still somewhat hindered by institutional boundaries. There are comparatively few institutions in which research and training on these areas is carried out, and anyone interested in the in the many aspects of Ancient Anatolia (linguistics, archaeology, history, epigraphy, literature) have no common venue and few occasions to come together, exchange ideas and build partnerships.


The goal of this network is to bring scholars, students, and members of the public together and build a local and international community which will support a rather endangered discipline. The network will provide a venue for researchers and students and promote new academic initiatives in the field (from reading groups to conferences). It will give anyone interested in the study of Ancient Anatolia the chance to meet, listen to each other, exchange ideas, and potentially join forces in shared projects.

If you would like to join the network, please email and we will add you to our mailing list.


Network Leads

Dr Michele Bianconi - Diebold Researcher in Comparative Philology

Professor Philomen Probert - Professor of Classical Philology and Linguistics

Dr Christoph Bachhuber - College Lecturer in Archaeology

Professor Peter Thonemann - Professor of Ancient History






Academic Members


Bernardo Ballesteros Petrella

Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow


Marcus Chin

Post-doctoral Researcher


Jacob Dahl

Professor of Assyriology

Beate Dignas

Associate Professor of Ancient History


Olivia Elder

Departmental Lecturer in Ancient History


Aneurin Ellis-Evans

Associate Professor of Ancient History


Almut Fries

Lecturer in Classics


Thea Gomelauri

Associate Faculty Member





Georgy Kantor

Associate Professor of Ancient History


Christina Kuhn

Associate Professor of Ancient History


Leah Lazar

Post-doctoral Researcher


Nino Luraghi

Wykeham Professor of Ancient (Greek) History


Andrew Meadows

Professor of Ancient History


Christopher Metcalf

Associate Professor in Classical Languages and Literature


Vladimir Olivero

Post-doctoral Researcher




John Penney

University Lecturer in Classical Philology (Emeritus)


Justine Potts

Junior Research Fellow in Classics


Frances Reynolds

Associate Professor of Assyriology


Rosalind Thomas

Professor of Ancient Greek History, FBA


Marco Santini

Fellow by Examination in Ancient History


Andreas Willi

Diebold Professor of Comparative Philology


Charles Crowther

Associate Professor in Ancient History



     Student Members


       Miyu Akao

       Joseph Barber

       Oliver Clarke

       Michael Harazin

       Toby Hudson

       Jacob Kohler

       Fiona Phillips

       Pat Snidvongs

       Althea Sovani

       Kieran Vernon

       Jason Webber

       Finn Conway

       Eugenia Vitello




Past Events