Accounts of Illness in Historical and Modern Texts

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Dr Katherine Southwood (Faculty of Theology and Religion, University of Oxford) is hosting a conference on 'Accounts of Illness in Historical and Modern Texts: Exploring Methods in Medical Humanities Research Across Discplines'. The conference will be on the 27 June 2017. This conference is supporting by the TORCH Medical Humanities programme. They are now accepting papers for the conference. The deadline for papers is the 31 May 2017. Topics can include, but are not limited to:

* How can we access and understand representations of illness in texts?

* How should we attempt to classify such texts in terms of their genre?

* Are poetic texts potentially fertile ground for this area of research?

* What is the significance of language and metaphor in texts?

* How should we contextualize illness experiences in texts?

* Are illness stories helpful for modern patients?

* How can modern patient stories be compared with historical texts?

* How can historical texts be understood in light of modern patient stories?

* Why is it important to examine illness experiences?

Please contact with relevant papers.


Medical Humanities