AHRC-TORCH Graduate Fund 2016-17



The AHRC-TORCH Graduate Fund, founded in 2014, offers funding support for interdisciplinary, student-led projects in the Humanities. The fund offers graduate humanities students the opportunity to gain valuable experience in grant-writing and running academic conferences or leading public engagement projects that will enhance their academic practice more generally. The fund is open to applicants each Michaelmas Term and is advertised in Opportunities. *Applications for the academic year 2016-2017 are now closed*

In the 2016-2017 academic year, applicants were invited to apply to the following funding streams:

• Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference

2 awards of up to £1500 for an interdisciplinary graduate conference led by at least two graduate students from different faculties.

• Public Engagement with Research (PER) Project

2 awards of up to £1000 for a public engagement project led by at least two graduate students from different faculties. The activities proposed by the project must involve collaboration with a non-academic organisation.

Proposals were assessed by a Student Peer Review College and awarded through the AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership, TORCH or Divisional Training budgets as appropriate.

For any queries please contact Emily Knight and Rhea Sookdeosingh at gradprojects@humanities.ox.ac.uk.

AHRC-TORCH Graduate Fund Projects 2015-2016

Last year, applicants were invited to apply to two different streams (1) conferences (2) public engagement with research projects.


• Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference: Sian Witherden (DPhil English) & Henry Drummond (DPhil Music). Read Henry Drummond's blog post on this conference here.

• Crossings: Negotiating Borders and Boundaries in the Eastern Mediterranean: Kristina Gedgaudaite (DPhil, Modern Languages, Greek), Suja Sawafta (DPhil Oriental Studies, Modern Arabic Literature)

Anticipating Others: Sam Clarke (DPhil Philosophy), Jamie Findlay (DPhil Linguistics), Christopher Fowles (DPhil Philosophy)

Public Engagement with Research Projects

• World's Music at Oxford: Rosemary McMahon (DPhil Music), Sophia Frankford (DPhil Anthropology and Oriental Studies), Pablo Infante Amate (DPhil Music)

• Talking Religion: Philippa Adrych (DPhil Classics), David Barritt (DPhil History), Stefanie Lenk (DPhil History of Art), Dominic Dalglish (DPhil Archaeology)

In 2015-2016, the following projects were funded through four different streams:


• Towards a Vegan Theory: Emelia Quinn (DPhil English), Benjamin Westwood (DPhil English)

• Image as Vortex: Sohin Hwang (DPhil Ruskin School of Art), Sajda van der Leeuw (DPhil History of Art), Dragana Savic (DPhil Physiology, Anatomy, and Genetics)

• Women and the Canon: Adele Bardazzi (DPhil Medieval and Modern Languages), Dr David Bowe (Medieval and Modern Languages), Natalya Din-Kariuki (DPhil English), Julia Caterina Hartley (DPhil French and Italian)

• Thinking Colour: Anita Paz (DPhil History of Art), Lucy Whelan (DPhil History of Art)

• Old Norse Poetry in Performance: Annemari Ferreira (DPhil English), Brian McMahon (DPhil English)

• Modernity and the Shock of the Ancient: Eva Miller (DPhil Oriental Studies), Sarah Green (DPhil English)

• Sharing Space in the Early Modern World: Martin Christ (DPhil History), (Roisin Watson, University of St Andrews)

• Moving Performances: Nina Wakeford (DPhil Ruskin School of Art), Belinda Robinson (DPhil Music)


• Uncommon Knowledge: Rachael White (DPhil Classics), Emily Dolmans (DPhil English)

• Women in Oxford’s History: Olivia Robinson (DPhil History), Alison Moulds (DPhil English)

Public Engagement Project

• English Palaeography: Lucy Busfield (DPhil Theology)


• The Oxonian Review: Kristin Grogan (DPhil English), Kanta Dihal (DPhil English)