AI in the News - Project Announcement

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We are delighted to announce that Felix Simon (Oxford Internet Institute) has recently been awarded a Minderoo-Oxford Challenge Fund grant for the project ‘AI in the News: Re-Shaping our Information Ecosystem’.

The Minderoo-Oxford Challenge Fund in AI Governance aims to dramatically expand the notion of artificial intelligence ethics to fully embrace seismic challenges that contemporary digital technologies pose to labour, institutions, and public scrutiny, by stimulating new investigative research and public education and engagement projects drawn from many different fields: history, art, performance, linguistics, governance, community projects and more.


Many news organisations now incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into their work processes in the hope of greater efficiency and higher profits. Today, AI writes articles and helps journalists to better understand their readers’ interests.

How will our public debate change if the media are transformed by AI?

Will the result be better news, or more one-sided, superficial, and sensational reporting? 

How can AI be used ethically and properly in the news without harming public discourse?

What about the independence of journalism if AI makes news organisations even more dependent on technology corporations that develop it?

This project aims to answer these questions and highlight these issues for the public and for the news industry at a one-day symposium with leading experts and practitioners and in additional publications.



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To find out more about the projects currently supported by the Minderoo-Oxford Challenge Fund, and details of the current call please click here.