Ancient Music and Theology Workshop: Opening a Dialogue

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The Oxford Network on Ancient Music and Theology aims at establishing a pioneering collaboration between scholars working on ancient Greek and Roman Music, Theology, Biblical Studies, Musicology, History, Literature and Philosophy. The last decades have seen an unprecedented growth in our knowledge of ancient Mousikē, both on a cultural and on a technical level. This vital evidence now allows us to recapture the defining features of ancient scales, rhythms and instruments, and their developments in Classical, Hellenistic and late
antique times. It also sheds new light on influential accounts of the ethical, aesthetic and emotional impact of different kinds of music – accounts destined to play a central role not only in Graeco-Roman contexts but also in Hellenistic Jewish thought and Christian religious practices, philosophy and theology.

The Oxford Network on Ancient Music and Theology will begin to explore these rich multicultural exchanges, fostering a mutually illuminating dialogue that will make accessible to a wider audience the latest research results of our individual disciplines, and will shape the future agenda for this nascent research field.

The general aim of this informal and exploratory workshop will be to share recent insights from our individual research areas, and identify questions for future collaborative projects.

Attendance will be limited – please contact Dr Tosca Lynch ( if you are interested.

Programme below:



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