Ashmolean Faculty Fellowships


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The Ashmolean Museum invites applications from University of Oxford faculty members in any discipline for fellowships of one term’s duration, to be held at the Museum in 2018-19 or 2019-20.

Up to six Mellon Fellowships will be awarded in each academic year to colleagues interested in using objects from the Museum’s collections to develop new courses or to enrich curricular teaching in existing courses.

The awards of up to £2,000 enable Fellows to join the Museum community for up to one day per week in term, to research the collections and to select objects and associated materials for their courses.

Fellows will receive training in object handling and use of the Museum’s collections database, and will work with the Andrew W Mellon Foundation Teaching Curator as needed to develop their object-centred teaching practice.  

Curatorial expertise and collections staff support, study room space, use of the Ashmolean’s collections database and digital support through the online teaching platform Cabinet are offered as part of the Fellowship.  Following the end of the Fellowship, Fellows will have access to their selected objects and to study rooms as needed for future teaching.

The Fellowship award of up to £2,000 is intended to cover the costs of a partial buy-out of Faculty/College teaching time for one term. Applicants must be employees of the collegiate university, holding an academic post until at least the end of the academic year subsequent to their fellowship.  They must have the support of a faculty or department and commit to a regular presence in the Museum during the agreed time frame of the Fellowship.

The application deadline for Fellowships to be held in 2018-19 is 1st September 2018

The deadline for Fellowships to be held in 2019-20 is 31 January 2019

Please note that whilst there is no quota for to allocating fellowships to particular divisions or faculties, the number available in any particular field at any given time will vary, depending on capacity within the relevant curatorial departments of the Museum.

On-line application guidelines can be viewed here.

The online application form can be accessed here.