Call for Papers: Stories, Spaces, and Societies Graduate Conference 2016

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Click here for a detailed call for papers for the second annual graduate conference of Globalising and Localising the Great War.

Proposals are invited on the theme of ‘Stories, Spaces, and Societies’. Papers falling under the stories category can look to establish new narratives, or revisit our understanding of old tales. Spaces can be real or imagined, and focus on the lived experience of the First World War, both at the front and at home. And papers focussing on societies should take the opportunity to adopt local, national, transnational, or global approaches, seeking to enhance our understandings of how societies were disrupted by the war, and how they interacted with each other to shape experiences of the conflict. Naturally some crossover will occur, and any paper that touches on one or more of these broad themes is invited. When submitting proposals for consideration, it would be helpful to indicate which broad area you anticipate your paper would cover, as well as the field in which you study.

Papers should be designed to be approximately 20 minutes in length. We particularly invite submissions from postgraduate students and early career researchers.

To apply, please send a 200 word abstract with your approach in the subject line to by Friday 18 December 2015.

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Globalising and Localising the Great War