Career Weaver

Career Weaver

Career Weaver, developed by the University of Oxford Careers Service, is a web-based app that helps you identify:

  • your personal values (what you love)
  • your strengths (what you're good at)
  • your motivations (why you do it). 

Understanding these things will give you an invaluable perspective to evaluate different careers and identify options that engage and energise you. 

Career Weaver is a flexible resource offering twelve exercises. There is no set ‘route’ to follow and users should explore the site and start with whichever exercise looks most interesting or relevant, and take it from there.

Most exercises should take only 5-15 minutes, although two or three can be explored in much more depth. You can save your progress as you work and return to complete exercises later. 

Career Weaver can support you in your current work (by helping you understand what motivates you) and in your exploration of different career directions (by providing a set of insights that will influence and inform the roles you seek and the applications you make). 

You can find out more about Career Weaver via this page.