Collaboration with the Creative Industries: Call for Interest

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In response to recent funding calls around university partnership working with the Creative Industries, we want to find out:

• How Oxford’s academic staff are currently working with the Creative Industries
•If there is appetite within the academic community for partnership working in this area
•How the University can best support academics through these partnerships

Oxford University recognises the impact of the Creative Industries and Heritage sectors on society. The University and its resources (including world-class research expertise, digital methodologies, professional practice-based staff, collections, historic buildings and facilities) are a tangible offer that creative organisations can benefit from. 

We want to open this offer up to the sector and in turn learn from the diverse market-driven experiences and specialisms of creative organisations to see how we can all benefit from working together. We want to explore how the ideas process works, and at what stage in development a creative organisation can benefit Oxford, and vice-versa.

Note: The Creative Industries includes but is not limited to: Advertising & Marketing, Architecture, Crafts, Design, Film & Media, Creative Tech, Publishing, Museums, Galleries, Libraries, Music, Performing & Visual Arts and Animation, and is closely aligned with the Heritage sector.

We will be running a series of exploratory workshops in this area in early 2019. If you would like to be involved, please register interest.

Contact Imelda Dooley Hunter, Creative Industries and Heritage Support Officer: