Creative Industries Festival 2021

Creative Industries Festival logo showing a series of lights on strings and the festival dates, 24-27 May

Oxford Brookes Creative Industries Research and Innovation Network are holding the Creative Industries Festival 2021 to bring together practitioners, policy-makers and researchers from a range of sectors including music, film, the visual arts, and high-tech artificial intelligence to discuss current practice and future possibilities.

In 2021, the creative industries face a series of urgent challenges. How can cultural activity recover from the long period of dormancy enforced by lockdown? What kinds of relationships will audiences build with producers as culture shifts radically online? And how can creative institutions respond to calls for greater diversity both in terms of their output and their workforce?

Oxford Brookes Creative Industries Research and Innovation Network is proud to present a month of virtual seminars, workshops and discussions which engage with these and many other vital issues facing today’s cultural creators. Brookes researchers and students will have opportunities to bring their work to a wider audience, to build new relationships between the University and its external partners, and to help shape the future of creativity in the UK and beyond.

The festival includes weeks on 'The Future of the Creative Industries', 'Media and Celebrity',  'Visual Culture' and 'Sound and Music'. 

Explore the full programme here.