Critical Visualization One-Day Symposium

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As part of its multidisciplinary explorations of visualization and to foster exchanges around critical thinking about the visual, the Critical Visualization TORCH network is delighted to announce that a day-long Symposium will be held on Friday 5th May, 9.30am – 5pm, at St. Luke’s Chapel (Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Oxford OX2 6GG).

The day will be organized around presentations, demonstrations, and panel sessions across the disciplinary spectrum.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided. This symposium presents an additional networking opportunity for scholars interested in visualization, be they network members or not.

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Call for Contributions 

We invite anyone who works with or has an interest in visualization in any field to consider submitting a contribution to this symposium. Themes that could run through these contributions include but are not limited to:

• visualization as a tool to categorize and structure data,

• visualization as a tool to explore data and make sense of it

• visualization as a tool to create and imagine knowledge

• visualizing uncertainty

• visualization as edition

• visualization and the human visual system

• cognitive and computational visual systems

• …

In the spirit of the network, we don’t necessarily expect contributions to be finalised papers; we would also gladly hear from explorations and ongoing work or be shown live demos!

Please note that contributors will be allocated approximately 15 minutes for their contribution, and that they will also be asked to take part in a 10-minute panel session with two other contributors after their presentation.  In order to encourage cross-fertilization and unlikely encounters, we will endeavour to not group contributions from a same academic field
Please send up to 400 words describing your proposed contribution to and by 5pm Friday 7th April 2017.