Exhibitions Producer/Agent: Demons Land: A Poem Come True

Demons Land: A Poem Come True

Arts Council England (ACE) are looking for an experienced, dynamic agent for their multi-media installation, Demons Land: a poem come true.

Demons Land comprises a 45-minute film, 24 paintings, soundscapes, sculptures, and text. It tells the story of an island made in the image of a single poem: Edmund Spenser’s violent, erotic, hallucinogenic epic, The Faerie Queene (1590-96). They reconceive the poem as the seminal text of modernity, repeating over and over again in different times and places. The project thereby explores the complicity of art in the dreams and crimes of empire.

The first installation was at Stowe National Trust in April-June 2017. Before that ACE exhibited the work in progress at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. The film has been shown in various Australian cities and is currently part of the Ecstasy exhibition at the UQ Museum, Brisbane. ACE will be showing the film and paintings at the Old Fire Station, Oxford, in spring 2018.

The basic remit of the job will be to seek and secure appropriate exhibitions, screenings, or other events, both in the UK and internationally. The project engages with various constituencies – artistic, musical, literary, scholarly – and ACE want someone with a sharp, creative, informed sense of how these relationships might be enhanced. Candidates will be expected to have extensive knowledge of public arts spaces. A track record of project management and funding applications on arts projects is desirable. Ideally the person appointed will be an active creative partner, imaginative and ambitious, and not a mere functionary. There will be opportunities for developing future projects with the core creative team. Remuneration and hours are negotiable.

Candidates should submit a 300-400 word statement outlining their suitability and experience to simon.palfrey@bnc.ox.ac.uk

Demons Land is a collaboration between Professor Simon Palfrey (story), Tom de Freston (art), Mark Jones (editing/cinematography), Luke Lewis (music), Jethro Cooke (sound design), and Stephanie Greer (acting). The film was co-directed by Palfrey, de Freston, and Jones. 


Deadline 10 November 2017.


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This opportunity is part of the Demon's Land Knowledge Exchange project at TORCH.