EXPO Sound Map — Open Call for Submissions

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As part of the upcoming EXPO series, we are organising an interactive Sound Map of Oxford, featuring music and audio by local and international contributors. Individual listeners can access the map through their smartphone/tablet, and will be able to engage with a kaleidoscopic variety of sounds and music as they move around the city. Different areas of the city will yield different sonic material, and the interactive sound map will be active for a period of a few months, meaning listeners can choose how and when they listen.


We are inviting further submissions for audio recordings of any kind to be added to the Sound Map, including—but not limited to—electronic and acoustic music, field recording, documentary sound, sound effects, film music, or spoken word and poetry. Alongside your submission, please indicate a (public) area of Oxford you would like your material to be played back in.


Please contact expo.oxford@gmail.com with an audio file, your name and affiliation (if any), and a location if you are interested in participating in this exciting project. We will be launching the EXPO Sound Map on 26 April, but submissions are welcome on an ongoing basis, as the map will remain active over the summer and will be updated weekly to include new material.


Find out more about the EXPO: Nature HCP project here.