GLAMS's Iffley Academy Partnership - TORCH's day out

Torch humanities light night

Photo of the 'Discovering Treasures' activity - Humanities Light Night

TORCH was lucky enough to be involved with one of the wonderful events GLAM has been doing as part of their Iffley Academy Partnership. 

This opportunity came about after meeting one of the teachers from Iffley Academy at the Humanities Light Night and discussing how the archaeologist themed activity 'Discovering Treasures' would benefit the children at Iffley Academy. TORCH staff were invited to be participate in the exhibition hosted by the school which presented the work the Iffley Academy students' had done around the Last Supper at Pompeii Exhibition that was held at the Ashmolean Museum. Bringing along the props used in the 'Discovering Treasures' activity, the TORCH team were able to interact with the students, hearing their favourite facts and being shown the work  they had put in. 

Iffley Academy is a community special academy for children and young people with complex special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Over the past three years, the Gardens, Libraries and Museums have been working with staff and students from the Oxford-based school to co-develop and co-deliver a programme of creative learning opportunities and project work based around the University’s collections.

TORCH felt very lucky to be a small part of a wonderful programme.

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