OCCT HT 2019 Week 2 Updates

On Wednesday of Week 3, the Fiction and Other Minds seminar will explore the theme “Re-Conceiving Personhood: Cognitive Readings of Mystical Texts” with Gavin Flood and Ufuk Özturk, both of Oxford.

Our friendly discussion group met on Monday of Week 2 to discuss translations of Cavafy with Sarah Ekdawi. In future weeks we will see translations from other marginal and minor languages!


Events and CFPs

1. LegalAliens Theatre with New Tides Platform and Migrant Dramaturgies Network invites you to:

Migrations: Harbour Europe

Three “very staged” readings of plays on the migrant experience by emerging writers from Europe and beyond, translated into English and performed by LegalAliens international ensemble. Directed by Becka McFadden. All tickets FREE.

5-7 February, 1.30pm, Arcola Theatre, Ashwin Street, London E8 3DL

Genesis, by Chiara Boscaro - 5 February 2019 @1.30PM

A lonely woman in a foreign land. A mythical journey in search of language and safety.

Book your free ticket here

The Sea Is My Nation, by Hala Moughanie - 6 February 2019 @1.30PM

A couple in a city drowning in trash erect a barbwire wall around their makeshift house.

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Closed Lands, by Simon Grangeat - 7 February 2019 @1.30PM

1989: the world demolished a wall. 2019: walls are being built again. Is history bound to repeat itself?

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The plays are the winners of a Europe-wide call to find nuanced representations of the migrant experience, as well as find new, bold and original voices from Europe. An international team of actors, directors, dramaturgs, academics, as well as first generation migrants and refugees, read 157 plays from 17 countries. 

Each performance will be followed by conversation and discussion led by international theatre scholars curated by Dr Szabolcs Musca (University of Lisbon, New Tides Platform & Migrant Dramaturgies Network).  For the full program please click here.


2. Saturday, 26 January 2019 (Room 243, Senate House)

Theories and Methodologies for Languages Research

12.00   Enlightenment Critique (Adam Sharman, Nottingham)

This session covers the historical-philosophical critique that one finds in the different Enlightenments, including the Latin American one (and the one that has Latin America as its object) and also the critique of Enlightenment that one finds in our own times

13.00   Lunch break

14.30   Gender Studies (Catherine Smale, KCL)

This session will introduce students to different strands of Gender Studies, and allow students the opportunity to explore ways in which Gender Studies theory and methodology may productively inform their own research projects

15.30   Tea break

16.00   Trans-nationalizing Modern Languages (Naomi Wells, IMLR)

The AHRC-funded Transnationalizing Modern Languages project developed a new model for Modern Languages research which moves beyond the inquiry into separate national traditions, to focus instead on how languages and cultures operate and interact across distinct historical and geographic contexts. As a former researcher on the project, I will explore what a ‘transnational’ approach to Modern Languages research means in practice, by drawing on examples from my own research and discussing with workshop participants how a transnational lens could be applied to their own work.


TORCH team

Comparative Criticism and Translation

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