Medieval Studies: Summer Deadlines

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Dear Medievalists

I would like to draw your attention to three approaching deadlines:

1) Comms Officer for Oxford Medieval Studies and Mentor for the MSt Medieval Studies.
Two years ago, we joined the existing role of the postdoc mentor for the MSt Medieval Studies students with a newly created role of communications officer. Dr Karl Kinsella did a superb job as you all will have seen in the weekly emails. He is stepping down – read the (happy) reason for this and a lively description of the perks of the job in his blog post on The Role of the OMS Communications Officer. We are therefore advertising the same joint position with a starting date as soon as possible. Deadline for applications is 20 August. The role is open to Oxford-based postdocs and advanced doctoral students. The full advertisement is on the OMS News page.

2) Blogging with Manuscripts Competition.
Following on from a very enjoyable series of fringe sessions at the IMC Leeds, the PolonskyGerman project at the Bodleian Library has created a Polonsky Blogging Prize. It involves writing a blog post on any aspect of one of the manuscripts from the project – be it provenance, a text, layout, aspects of data analysis…. Deadline for sending an idea to be developed to the Bodleian Curators, Andrew Dunning and Matthew Holford, is 22 August. Read all about the challenge and get ideas for possible blog posts in the report "Reaching out with Manuscripts" by Tuija Ainonen. The prize for the best blog posts will be "handed out" at the final session of the Dark Archives Conference. Which brings me to my last deadline:

3) Dark Archives Conference, 8-10 September.
Last year's Dark Archives Conference was a truly exciting event (you can still watch a number of the presentations on the website). It was already back then decided that the next version should be fully online – which proved a decided advantage in these times! Stephen Pink for Medium Aevum has gathered a stunning cast of speakers, using to the full the opportunities of the global reach of online events. Register NOW to get free access to the pre-recorded lectures by the beginning of September and to prepare for the interactive sessions.

Please forward this newsletter also to colleagues and students new to Oxford or at other institutions! We intend to keep a high proportion of medieval events online, allowing anybody interested in the topics from around the world to participate (the Old English WOOPIE group for example has seen an amazing uptake!). Anybody can self-register for this newsletter which currently will come only occasionally but will be back on a weekly basis from 0th week.

Regards from an East Oxford hermitage