MT 2017 Week 0 Updates

Interested in comparative literature and translation? Well OCCT is the place for you! We start the term with a welcome event where you’ll get the opportunity to meet our organising committee and hear about OCCT’s Michaelmas 2017 programme. It will be a fun and relaxed event with lots of free wine! The event will take place in the Seminar Room of the Radcliffe Humanities Building at 7:15pm, straight after a reading and conversation with the Polish-Ukrainian writer Żanna Słoniowska and her translator Antonia Lloyd-Jones. The rest of term is equally exciting with a session on translating graphic novels, a roundtable discussion on the comparative history of literatures of the Islamic world, and the launch of two recent books on borders and bordering practices in literature, mind, and politics. We look forward to seeing you at our events!

Lotta Schneidemesser and Gina Edwards are the new editors of OCCT Review. OCCT Review is a journal reviewing new books and trends in the fields of comparative criticism and translation studies, aiming to produce reviews quickly and to provoke debate. If you would like to review a recent and relevant book, please contact them at

OCCT Review’s latest piece, written by Karolina Watroba, is available here.


Experience Opportunities and Events

1. Singing the Reformation in English: A Historical and Practical Introduction to Miles Coverdale’s Goostly Psalmes and Spirituall Songes by Henrike Lähnemann, Chair of Medieval German Literature and Linguistics and Fellow of St Edmund Hall.

The lecture will be held in the Shulman Auditorium and it will be followed by Evensong in the College's Chapel at 6.30 pm with hymns from Coverdale’s hymnbook.

2017 is the 500th anniversary of the publication of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses which set in motion the German Reformation. Its rapid spread was based on the successful combination of three key activities: printing, translating - and singing!
The Queen’s College Library holds a unique object which brings these three key themes together: the only surviving copy of the first printed hymnbook, Miles Coverdale’s Goostly psalmes and spirituall songes drawen out of the holy Scripture, for the comforte and consolacyon of soch as loue to reioyse in God and his Worde (The Queen’s College Library, shelf mark Sel.d.81(4)). In the lecture, Henrike Lähnemann will provide a hands-on (and voice-on) exploration of the new genre of the Protestant hymn book.
The talk is part of the programme of the ‘Workshop for Manuscript and Text Cultures’ (WMTC) at The Queen’s College.


2. *British Comparative Literature Association Web Editor*

The BCLA is looking for a new web editor. This role involves taking responsibility for our website ( ): posting material, making design changes, liaising with our postgraduate representatives about the publicising of events, collaborating with our Treasurer in overseeing the mechanism for online membership applications, and attending occasional BCLA Executive Committee meetings. As our departing web editor, Alex Millen, says: this is 'an excellent opportunity: a great way to keep up with a wide range of scholarly events across the UK and further afield; good practice, particularly for those who might want to pursue academic careers; as well as the chance to be an important part of a community of scholars.' The role is not paid but it does come with an annual honorarium of £250.

If you would like to apply, please send a CV, and a brief letter outlining your interest in the post, to the Hon Secretary of the BCLA Prof Matthew Reynolds: The closing date for applications is 22nd October 2017.

*British Comparative Literature Association Postgraduate Representative*

The BCLA is creating a new role of Early Career Representative on its Executive Committee. The aim of the role is simple but important: to recognise the distinctive interests and needs of academics in the early postdoctoral phase of their careers, and to make sure that this community is fully represented in the BCLA's decision-making and activities. As a member of the Executive Committee, the Early Career Representative will be at the heart of the BCLA's activities, and will have rich opportunities for career development.

Committee meetings take place thrice yearly; travel expenses are reimbursed.
Once the post is established its occupant will be elected by the community it represents. But the first Early Career Representative will have to be appointed. If you would like to apply, please send a CV, and a brief letter outlining your interest in the post, to the Hon Secretary of the BCLA Prof

Matthew Reynolds: closing date for applications is 22nd October 2017.


3. Translating Emotions: A Korean poetry translation workshop

WK 2-4-6-8 (Michaelmas term), Ertegun House, St. Giles.

Thursday 12-1:30 pm 

Convenor: Dr Jieun Kiaer

Are emotions translatable? In this workshop we are attempting to translate Korean poems, particularly discussing words and moods showing emotional aspects. We welcome speakers with no Korean. 

Please let Karolina Watroba ( know if you are coming. Spaces are limited.


Dr Eleni Philippou

Comparative Criticism and Translation