New Landschaft Single

into nature image

Into nature! The new poetry film by Sascha Conrad-/əˈfɪʃəl/ (film), Grigory Semenchuk (music) and Ulrike Almut Sandig (lyrics, vocals) aka poetry collective Landschaft is now published, with creative translation by Karen Leeder.


In the form of an anagram, it addresses the rising levels of the world's oceans. A production for the international poetry festival Poetry on the Road. An anagram is a poem formed by rearranging the letters of a different word or phrase. The anagram in this poetry film is based on a verse from Emma McGordons poem MAGNETIC: The tongue is a needle. And I am true North. Telling lies


TORCH are delighted to be supporting Landschaft as part of the Humanities Cultural Programme. For more details on this project, led by Karen Leeder, please visit: