OCCT HT 2021 Week 0 Updates

This term, OCCT will continue to run its events online via Microsoft Teams. The Discussion Group has some great sessions lined up! We start the term with a session with Eleonora Colli, who will discuss her review of Douglas Robinson’s Transgender, Translation, Translingual Address (2019). In the second session of term, we will celebrate the launch of Daniele Nunziata’s book Colonial and Postcolonial Cyprus: Transportal Literatures of Empire, Nationalism, and Sectarianism (2020). At our the third DG session, David Karashima will speak about his book Who We’re Reading When We’re Reading Murakami (2020). The final DG session of term will explore work practices and the construction of Truth in the translation of Marxist texts with Christina Delistathi. The term will culminate with a one-day virtual workshop on language and style in prose fiction retranslation, entitled Fictions of Retranslations.  All events will require registration: please consult the website directly for further information.

colli eleonora  book cover