OCCT MT Week 6 Updates

In Week 6, our Discussion Group welcomed Prof Kyoko Yoshida (Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto), a writer and award-winning translator between English and Japanese. She discussed her translation of Yoshimasu Gozo's Alice Iris Red Horse (New Directions, 2016) and told us about her improvisational performance of the translation with the poet himself. On 19 November, Guillaume Dumas (Institut Pasteur) spoke at the Fiction and Other Minds seminar. The title of his talk was “Operationalising the interactive turn of Social Neuroscience through Human-Human and Human-Machine Interaction paradigms”.





The International Cavafy Summer School is an annual scholarly initiative of the Cavafy Archive and the Onassis Foundation, focused on Cavafy, his work and archive, and that work’s impact in the world.

Thanks to the generous support of the Onassis Foundation and the Cavafy Archive, the International Cavafy Summer School is in a position to cover all room and board expenses for participants. In addition, there are no tuition charges or other fees. Participants can also apply for grants to cover their travel expenses in whole or in part.

  • The working language of the International Cavafy Summer School will be English.
  • Knowledge of modern Greek is not a requirement, though familiarity with Cavafy’s work is; this year’s Cavafy Summer School is particularly open to participants from a range of fields—including, but not limited to Modern Greek Studies, Comparative Literature, World Literature, Translation Studies, and the Digital Humanities.
  • Ph.D. candidates, postdoctoral researchers, and early-career scholars with an interest in Cavafy are encouraged to apply, by sending:
    a) a cover letter that includes a brief outline of their current research and their motivation for participating in the International Summer School (max 500 words);
    b) a description of the particular topic they would like to develop in a 20-minute presentation during the International Summer School (max 300 words);
    c) a detailed C.V.; and
    d) contact information of an individual who could provide a reference letter in support of their application.
  • In exceptional circumstances one or two graduate students at the Masters level may be accepted.
  • Participants will be recorded and portions of their talks will be made public on the Onassis Foundation YouTube channel.
  • The deadline for applications to the International Cavafy Summer School is 20 January 2020. Successful applicants will be informed at the end of February, and will be asked to submit a draft of their presentation ahead of time.
  • Please send all relevant material, and address any questions, to Angeliki Mousiou at cavafyarchive@onassis.org