'On Commemoration' receives warm reviews

texture of the memorial to the murdered jews of europe

On Commemoration, edited by Dr Catherine Gilbert, Professor Kate McLoughlin and Dr Niall Munro launched this summer to a warm reception. The book grew out of the Post-War: Commemoration, Reconstruction, Reconciliation seminar series.

The collection draws on the seminar series' original questions of who commemoration is for, how it is effective, and what its future is, and takes the form of cross-disciplinary essays by distinguished writers, artists, musicians, religious leaders, military veterans and scholars. Exploring textual, monumental and aural commemoration, the collection of polemics and reflections together with poetry and creative prose movingly illuminate a subject that speaks to our common humanity.

In a recent review for the Times Literary Supplement, Professor Jay Winter called it 'a valuable addition to the literature on remembrance'. You can read the full review here.

You can find out more about the Post-War: Commemoration, Reconstruction, Reconciliation project by clicking here, or by following their Twitter here.