Professor Laura Marcus - Obituary

We are incredibly sad to learn of the passing of Professor Laura Marcus FBA, Goldsmiths Professor of English Literature in the Faculty of English and Fellow of New College, Oxford. 

In addition to her academic excellence, it was her consistent and endless support of others, no matter their background, that was appreciated by so many. She connected with TORCH and its community from its very early days. She generously shared her thoughts, work, and advice to us all over the years, right up to her contributions to the forthcoming film events this term as part of the ‘Japan Season’. 

We are grateful that she brought so much to TORCH - we will all miss her guidance and, most of all, her friendship and kindness.

You can read the English Faculty's full obituary here.


Some of Professor Marcus' work with TORCH over the years can be found below:

Narrative and Proof: Two Sides of the Same Equation explored the narrative nature of mathematical proofs. With Professor Laura Marcus, Professor Marcus du Sautoy, Ben Okri and Sir Roger Penrose.


Book at Lunchtime: Martin Luther - Renegade and Prophet looked at Professor Lyndal Roper's biography of Martin Luther. With Professor Laura Marcus, Professor Lyndal Roper, Dr Simeon Zahl and Professor Jas' Elsner.


Happy in Berlin?: Two important pull factors of Weimar Berlin: Film and psychoanalysis is a podcast in which Professor Laura Marcus explains what drew many British writers to the Berlin Psychoanalytical Institute and to Berlin’s film industry.


Book at Lunchtime: Late Victorian into Modern saw Professor Laura Marcus and Professor Kirsten-Shepherd Barr discuss their co-edited collection on the literary crossover between two periods. With Professor Michael Bentley, Dr Charlotte Jones and Professor Phillip Bullock.


Book at Lunchtime: India, Empire and First World War Culture was a discussion of Professor Santanu Das' book on the sensuous experience of combatants, non-combatants and civilians from undivided India in the 1914-1918 conflict. With Professor Laura Marcus, Professor Santanu Das, Dr Yasmin Khan and Professor Jay Winter.